Private Health Fund Rebates

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Below is a chart which gives some indications of Private Health Fund Rebates for our product.

The claim must be made for a TENS Machine. (Transcutanious Electrical Nerve Stimulator) A recommendation from a doctor or physio may be required.


Australian Country Health Select Ancillary $150.00
Super Ancillary $200.00
Australian Unity / (Grand United Health) Super Extra Cover 80% up to $400
Life Choice Plus 80% up to $500
Maxi Care/Ultra Care 80% up to $500
ANZ Health Insurance No cover nil
Australian Health Management Basic Hospital $60
Top Hospital $80
AXA Health No Cover  
BHP Lysights Gold Extra Up to 80% / $200
CBHS Friendly Society Top Extras 70% of cost (variable)
CDH Benefits Fund 1 appliance per year 75% up to $400
Central West Health Every 3 years $225 every 3 years
Commonwealth Bank Extras 80%
Cessnock Health Benefits Supplementary Fund 70% up to $400
CUA Health Silver Extras 60% up to $400
Gold Extras 80% up to $400
Defence Health Top Extras $250 every 3 years
Doctors Health Fund   50% of cost
Druids Friendly Society Standard or Gold package 70% up to $250
GMF Health Every 3 years 80% up to $225
HBA Not covered nil
H.C.F. Multicover Extras $170
Health Partners No Cover Nil
I.O.R Extras $85.00
IOOF Health Extras $150.00
M.B.F. Extra Cover $130
Manchester Unity / M.U.F.S. Top Hospital Health / Cover Plus $250 every 3 years
Medibank Private Advantage Plus/Premium Plus/Smart Plus/Healthy Plus 100% based on unclaimed Bonus Points
Mutual Community / H.B.A. No Cover nil
Navy Health Top Extras/Premium 85% up to $300
N.I.B. Quality Extras/Gold Cover &$195.00
N.S.W Teachers Top Extras $160.00
NRMA Top Cover Extras $200.00
People Cale Total Plus Ancillary 50% to 80%
Phoenix Health Fund   $20 + 80% balance
Police Health Fund Extras Cover 80% up to $150
QLD Teachers Union Health Ultimate Choice Easy Choice/Ancillary 85% up to $660
QLD Country Health Private Hospital 85% up to $2,000
Rail Transport Ancillary/ Top Extras 85% up to $600
Teachers Federation Health Ancillary $50% up to $160
SGIC & SGIO Top Extras $200.00
Senior Advantage Select Ancillary Hospital $150.00
Super Ancillary Hospital $200.00
St. Lukes, Tasmania Select Plus Extra Y4 80% up to $200
West Fund Platinum $200 rebate
Gold $150
Silver Extra Cover


This chart is a guide only!

 "Please contact your fund directly as rates may have changed."