What is Interferential Therapy?

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Interferential Therapy using portable electronic pain devices with Interferential Technology is an affordable and simple method of increasing reults in pain relief and treatment.

The affordable and portable nature of Interferential Therapies make them attractive to pain sufferers while also offering them an effective and efficient way to reduce pain quickly and decrease the chances of future pain.

Using specialist frequencies of electrical impulses applied to the body through electrode pads, Interferential Machines or Devices penetrate the muscle and nerve tissue to interfere with pain sources enabling the pain to be relieved and assisting the body in recovery.

Interferential Technology has been adopted by many health industry professionals to assist pain sufferers in the treatment of pain and injuries and to also help them in recovering from injuries and afflictions.

The following article offers an insight in to the technical background behind Interferential Technology:

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The article was produced by Fuji after extensive research in to how and why Interferential Technology works to repair tissue damage and stimulate muscle growth.Click Here For More>