Convenient, Portable Pain Relief

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Most of us suffer from one form of pain or another and many of us on a regular basis.

Finding effective ways to manage and treat pain is an ongoing and often adapting challenge that involves a huge amount of personal expense and time. Often treatments require ongoing high costs which amounts to an unreasonable cost to sufferers. With the search for solutions time consuming and the treatment itself often taking a significant time until results, it may require an unfair amount of your life to achieve significant pain reduction.

Another major inconvenience with pain treatments is the inability to self treat in a convenient location. Visits to doctors and specialists can require much travel, plus the inconvenience and inpersonal nature of pain treatment by specialists can impact a persons dignity and personal space.

Achieving Quick Results In Pain Relief

Efficient treatment and management of pain should ideally achieve quick results in terms of the relief as well as treatment of the muscle, bone and tissue damage that has created the pain source.

Using interferential technology, treatment can interfere with the current sources and rythms of pain, allowing your body to naturally adjust itself and return to a state that enables it to repair damage and relieve pain naturally.

With pain often reducing within minutes, Interferential Therapy is a quick way to achieve results. On a long term basis this form of treatment can also assist your body to recover efficiently meaning the source of pain can be reduced in a shorter time frame meaning a healthier body and a happier you.

Saving On Pain Treatment Costs

The smaller number of applications and quick results that can be achieved with the small investment required to get started with Interferential Therapy also means cost savings over many other treatment methods.

With the body allowed to repair itself to a better state, future occurences of pain may be reduced meaning less need for the expense of assosciated treatments.

Treat Yourself In Comfort

Privacy is important to us all and comfort whilst pain is at it's worst is vital in assisting your body to recover. Self home treatment provides the opportunity for your to treat your pain when, where and how it suits you best.

From the comfort of your own lounge to taking pressure off your body in bed, you can apply the easy to use pads yourself and let Interferential Therapy begin simply by adjusting the Interferential Machine to suit your requirements.

Treat Pain In Comfort For Less In Days

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Research Results on Interferential Devices

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Several health experts and publishers have researched heavily the background behind Interferential Technology and how it works.


How Does Interferential Therapy Work?

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Interferential Electro-Therapy uses electrical pulses to stimulate nerves and muscles in the body, to help relieve pain. Electro Therapy was first developed with the introduction of TENS machines. TENS means Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation. Basically an electrical pulse is transmitted through the skin layers using a frequency modulated sine wave. However TENS uses a frequency modulation that causes some resistance to penetrate the skin layer, this can result in an unpleasant feeling to achieve any possible benefit.

Interferential machines have a much stronger carrier sine wave that makes penetration of the skin easier, the sensation is more pleasant and comfortable than TENS. Also because the signal is stronger it penetrates much deeper than TENS, giving a better and longer lasting effect.

The reason Interferential works so well is that by crossing the electro-leads the two currents produced by each channel actually interfere with each other to create a pulse beat that penetrates deep into the muscle and tissue. Tens technology does not have this capability. It could be reasonably argued that Interferential goes beyond TENS technology.